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Into the Woods I Trailer 1 (2014)
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"I’m confused, Tris, it was weird… but good weird. Look, I just know that I feel… I feel good when I’m around you."

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Jordan Parrish looking hella fine in 4.06

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Bought my VIP for the Heffron Drive show! :)

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Zac Efron & Bear Grylls touch each other on Running Wild

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Actually, Teen Wolf has been a long process. So, when it first started, I auditioned for Scott’s role. Granted, I weighed a hundred and twenty five pounds. I was teeny. So, when I went into the audition room, I think Jeff was being nice but he was like, ‘Can you gain 20 to 25 pounds in like a month or two?’ Normally actors would lie and I’d be like, ‘Of course I can’ but in this case, I was like, ‘Honestly, no. I can try my best but I don’t think so.’ And I couldn’t. There was no way. So, I actually auditioned a couple of times for that and never went anywhere. I was too small. And then the second season was the role for Isaac. I dabbled in that as well and got pretty close but just wasn’t right for the role. They got Daniel [Sharman], who is amazing and then luckily this, Parrish, came around and Jeff threw it my way and here I am.

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